Governance Committee

Our Mandate

  • To be familiar with the content of the By-Law and Policies.
  • To review amendments to the By-Law and to provide advice to the Board on any possible amendments as requested by the Board.
  • To provide procedural leadership at the Annual Meeting and at Senate meetings as required.
  • To make recommendations to the Board about improving procedures based on Annual Meeting evaluations.
  • To review and advise Districts on their District Governance Manuals on a cyclical basis.
  • To review motions approved at the Annual Meeting to ensure that appropriate amendments have been made to the By-Law.
  • To review motions submitted by Districts for the Annual Meeting and to provide feedback to Districts on appropriate wording as necessary.


Committee Members

Name District District Name

Rich Prophet (Chair)
  Board Member
Martha Foster   Board Member
David Kendall   Board Member
Jacqueline Asselin 21 Renfrew
Gail King 17 Simcoe County
George Merrett 7 Windsor Essex
Margaret Werkhoven 19 Hastings & Prince Edward