Extended Health Care Plan

Actively managing your health is a part of a healthy lifestyle. RTO/ERO is committed to ensuring that our members and their dependents have access to the best possible health and travel coverage for their insurance dollar.

With premium rates and coverage the same for all ages, coverage for prescription drugs, educational programs, paramedical practitioners and travel for trips up to 93 days each, maintaining a healthy lifestyle just got a little bit easier.

As with all of our group plans, coverage is available to you, your spouse and your dependent children.

RTO/ERO members own and manage this group plan, regularly reviewing the coverage and rates to ensure the best value for money. RTO/ERO is a not-for-profit organization. Surpluses above and beyond reserve requirements are “refunded” to the RTO/ERO
Health Plans and become part of RTO/ERO’s Health Premium Stabilization Fund.

There are many services aimed at making your Extended Health Care Plan coverage more convenient, including:

  • Direct payment to pharmacies (drug card)
  • Claim payments deposited directly to your bank account
  • Electronic notification of your claim payments
  • Annual Benefit Statement and Tax Letter
  • Secure, online access to claims and benefit information
  • Walk-in service for administration and claim services in the Greater Toronto Area

See the Extended Health Care Plan summary of benefits below or review the full Plan information document (PDF). And remember, each and every RTO/ERO District has a District Health Services and Insurance representative to assist members. That's just another way RTO/ERO is “Here for you now, Here for your future.”

  • $0 annual deductible

  • $3,400 annual maximum per person

  • 85% reimbursement of ingredient costs

  • Covers eligible drugs for all ages, including those not covered by the Provincial Drug Benefit Plan for participants and dependents age 65 and over

  • The $100 Ontario Drug Benefit Program deductible is reimbursed based on 85% of ingredient costs

  • Sexual dysfunction drugs and treatments will now be subject to the overall Prescription Drug benefit maximum of $3,400

  • 80% reimbursement

  • $1,300 annual maximum per person (for all practitioners combined)

  • Covers 17* practitioners: acupuncturists, chiropodists, chiropractors, dieticians, herbalists, homeopaths, naturopaths, nutritionists, osteopaths, physiotherapists, podiatrists, social workers and psychotherapists, psychologists,
    registered massage therapists, registered nurses, speech therapists and shiatsu therapists.

  • * Acupuncture and foot care services are also eligible for reimbursement when performed by a registered nurse.

    * Reflexology services are eligible for reimbursement when performed by one of the covered paramedical practitioners above, when operating within their scope of practice. Please contact Johnson Inc. to confirm if reflexology falls under
    the scope of practice for the practitioner you will be visiting.

  • Physician authorization is not required

  • 80% reimbursement

  • Covers the purchase or repair of hearing aids up to a maximum of $1,100 overall, in any three consecutive calendar years

  • Custom-made orthopaedic shoes and orthotics up to a maximum of $500 per person, in any two consecutive calendar years

  • Prostheses including artificial limbs or eyes, or breast prosthesis (including three mastectomy bras per calendar year)

  • Supplies including trusses, splints, braces and casts

  • Medical supplies, including surgical support stockings up to an annual maximum of $400 per person, incontinence supplies up to an annual maximum of $750 per person, and post-surgical comfort and convenience items (e.g., sock reacher,
    shoe lacer) up to $200 per person in any two consecutive calendar years

  • Mobility aids including wheelchairs, canes, walkers, and crutches

  • 80% reimbursement

  • $400 maximum per person in any two consecutive calendar years

  • Covers eyeglasses, contact lenses and laser eye surgery

  • Eye examinations subject to a maximum of $150 for multiple visits every two consecutive calendar years. Eligible dependent children are covered on an annual basis

  • New lenses, if required due to eye surgery, are covered up to a lifetime maximum of $400 per person

  • Corneal incision to an overall combined limit of $325 per insured person in any two consecutive calendar years

  • Best Doctors provides a suite of services which enables you to draw on the knowledge of the best medical minds in the world to help you get the right diagnosis, the right treatment, and the right care

  • InterConsultation: a confidential, patented process that complements the care you receive from your own physician by providing a second expert review, bringing greater certainty to your diagnosis and treatment plan

  • FindBestDoc: Best Doctors will help you find a specialist by taking into account your unique medical history and geographic location, matching you with the right doctor for your condition

  • FindBestCare: if you choose, Best Doctors can locate treatment from a specialist outside of Canada. They will co-ordinate a search of their global database of over 53,000 physicians in more than 450 specialties and subspecialties to
    find the expert(s) best suited to your needs

  • Best Doctors 360°®: quick and convenient.  Best Doctors can help you get the information and resources you need for a variety of health topics, giving you peace of mind that you’re making well-informed decisions about your

  • 80% reimbursement

  • Covers diagnostic services, subject to your Government Health Insurance Plan offset

  • Diagnostic procedures, including PSA testing for cancer, and radiology

  • Diagnostic services benefit allows all diagnostic laboratory tests (including screening tests) permitting a wider array of medical doctor prescribed diagnostic laboratory tests subject to a maximum of $250 per insured person per calendar
    year. The tests must be on a lab invoice.

  • 80% reimbursement

  • Covers out-of-hospital registered nurse, registered practical nurse or licensed practical nurse up to $2,000 per insured person in any two consecutive years

  • 80% reimbursement

  • Covers licensed ground ambulance to and from a local hospital when medically necessary for emergency treatment

  • 80% reimbursement

  • Covers dental treatment required directly as a result of an accidental blow to natural or artificial teeth

  • 80% reimbursement

  • Covers medically related program(s) recommended by a physician, to an annual maximum of $200 per person

  • 100% reimbursement

  • $2,000,000 coverage for eligible medical emergency expenses per person/trip

  • Covers an unlimited number of trips, each up to 93 days in duration

  • Emergency expenses incurred due to an accident or sudden illness while travelling outside your province of residence/Canada

  • Pre-existing medical conditions are covered, subject to a 90-day medical stability clause

  • $6,000 trip cancellation and interruption/delay per person/trip

  • $1,500 for one extended family member or a companion to accompany the surviving spouse, insured under this plan, on their return trip home to their province of residence

World-class group discount program will be included for participants and their immediate family.

  • Provides discounts to over 1,800 brand name stores and local shops;
  • Supporting active, healthy lifestyles with 350+ health and wellness partnerships;
  • Promoting participation in different activities with savings on items ranging from fitness opportunities to restaurants, events tickets to travel, or computers to clothing;

Activate your account online at www.rto-ero.venngo.com. Be sure to have your certificate number ready.

If you require assistance with MemberPerks® or CustomerPerks®, please contact Venngo customer service at 1-866-383-6646 or membersupport@venngo.com.