Supplemental Travel

We know that RTO/ERO members love to travel as a part of a healthy lifestyle. RTO/ERO is committed to ensuring that our members and their dependents have access to the best possible travel coverage for their insurance dollar.  With premium rates and coverage the same for all ages, travelling for extended periods of time just got a little bit easier.

As with all of our group plans, coverage is available to you, your spouse and your dependent children.  Please see the eligibility section for details.

RTO/ERO members own and manage this group plan, regularly reviewing the coverage and rates to ensure the best value for money. We are proud to offer the Supplemental Travel Plan to provide coverage beyond the 93 days of travel coverage included in the Extended Health Care Plan. Designed to work seamlessly with the Extended Health Care Plan, you can purchase the Supplemental Travel Plan even while you are travelling during your first 93 days.

See the Supplemental Travel Plan summary of benefits below or review the full Plan information document (PDF). And remember, each and every RTO/ERO District has a District Health Services and Insurance representative to assist members. That's just another way RTO/ERO is “Here for you now, Here for your future.”

Provides for coverage beyond the 93 days of travel coverage under the Extended Health Care Plan

  • Available in 15 day units up to a maximum trip duration of 212 days
  • For those who only need a few extra days of coverage, a five day unit is available immediately following the first 93 days of travel
  • Guaranteed acceptance for all Extended Health Care Plan participants