Members’ Centre

Welcome to the RTO/ERO Members' Centre! On this site you will find information and resources that are of interest to and available only for members.

These resources include Tax Tips geared to retired teachers and prepared by RTO/ERO’s auditors, highlights and reports from our semi-annual Senate meetings, a resource section of interest to District webmasters and newsletter editors.

There are also additional details about RTO/ERO Health Plans and the necessary forms to change your address or District with the provincial office.

Tax Information for Membership Fees

Are my RTO/ERO membership fees tax deductible?

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) permits amounts related to your employment for union dues and dues required to keep a professional status to be claimed on your income tax.  RTO/ERO membership fees, therefore, are ineligible for any tax deduction.

Why are membership fees not tax deductible?

Fees paid to a voluntary membership-based organization serving retirees are ineligible to be claimed at tax time on line 212.

Will I still receive a receipt for membership with RTO/ERO?

Members may require receipts for various reasons and can request a receipt for membership fees paid during a calendar year.  Please call 416-962-9463 (Toronto area) or toll free 1-800-361-9888 or email