Political Advocacy

Our Mandate

  • Monitor external organizations and issues related to retirees and political advocacy, to identify relevant information and initiatives for RTO/ERO.
  • Identify the supports and resources needed to assist district PAC representatives, to be effective in local advocacy.
  • Provide advice regarding the ongoing implementation of the Vibrant Voices campaign at the municipal, provincial and federal levels.
  • Advise and represent the needs of districts in the development of a campaign related to Ontario provincial election and support the implementation.
  • Provide advice on the development of standard presentations and scripts about each of the board-approved Vibrant Voices policy positions.


Political Advocacy Resources 

Committee Membership

Name District District Name

Rick Victor (Chair)
38 Lambton
Marisa Agostini 23 North York
Gail Anderson 22 Etobicoke & York
Claudia Mang 22 Etobicoke & York
Phillip Little 47 Vancouver Island
Gwen Scriven 23 North York
Shirley Ozbolt 2 Thunder Bay
Louise Guérin ( Liaison - Conseil) 44 Région du ciel bleu