Open Enrolment FAQs

Open enrolment frequently asked questions

Q: I’m already an RTO/ERO member, but I’m with another insurance provider. Do I need to apply for membership again?
A: No. You don’t need to re-apply for membership. If you’re already an RTO/ERO member, you can start directly at “Step 2” and sign up for RTO/ERO insurance.

Q: I’m already enrolled in the RTO/ERO insurance plans. Do I need to sign up for the insurance again?
A: No. The open enrolment opportunity is for those who have insurance with other providers. Please share the open enrolment information with your friends who are with other insurance providers by using the “Refer a friend” form.
Q:  I’m planning to retire during the open enrolment period (December 1, 2017 - March 30, 2018). Does this opportunity apply to me?
A:  As a retiree coming from a group insurance plan, you always have an open enrolment window of 60 days. You are eligible to join RTO/ERO’s group insurance plans within 60 days of the date your last group insurance plan terminates—whether that’s your current employer or your spouse’s employer plan. As always, there’s no need to wait until you need insurance to become a member of RTO/ERO and take advantage of our many membership benefits.
Q: I’m not sure if I’m in an individual or group insurance plan. How can I find out?
A: One way to tell the difference is that in Ontario, retail sales tax of eight per cent is charged on group insurance, but not on individual plans. Call our insurance team at 1-877-406-9007 for more information.
Q: I’m not sure if I’m eligible to be an RTO/ERO member. How can I find out?
A: We welcome members from the broader education community—early years, school boards, post-secondary. Please call our membership team at 1-800-361-9888 to discuss your specific situation.
Q: I only have extended health coverage. Am I eligible for automatic acceptance into all three RTO/ERO plans?
A: You are eligible to transfer the coverage you already have with automatic acceptance. If you wish to pick up additional insurance coverage that you don’t have now, a medical questionnaire would be required for the new plan. We don’t require a medical questionnaire for our Dental Plan, but there is a first-year coverage limit of $500.
Q How quickly can I switch my insurance coverage?
A: You can complete the RTO/ERO insurance application today. Check your existing policy or policies for details about how to cancel your current insurance and the amount of notice your provider requires. RTO/ERO insurance will commence the day following the cancellation of your existing insurance. Speak with our insurance team at 1-877-406-9007 for more details.