Partner Links

RTO/ERO relies upon several organizations to help provide programs and services to members.  In addition to the brief description of these organizations, please feel free to click on their logo for further information.


Johnson Inc.

RTO/ERO is proud to have an excellent relationship with Johnson Inc. and in 2009, celebrated 25 years of working together to provide members with affordable, comprehensive and competitive health benefits in retirement. The RTO/ERO Health Insurance Program, the largest retiree educator program in Canada, is owned and managed by RTO/ERO members and staff, but is administered, on behalf of RTO/ERO, by Johnson Inc., which also serves as claims payor and consultant to the organization’s Health Services & Insurance Committee.

In addition to administering the extended health, dental and semi-private hospital plans for RTO/ERO members, Johnson offers a variety of voluntary plans to members as well, including home and auto insurance.



Elder Abuse Ontario (formerly known as ONPEA, The Ontario Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse) is a provincial, charitable, non-profit organization focused on supporting the implementation of The Ontario Strategy to Combat Elder Abuse and has been doing so since 2002.

The framework of the Strategy focuses on service coordination, building local capacity of front-line workers, caregivers, and community networks, by providing public education and training of professionals/service providers and families of seniors, to raise awareness around elder abuse issues.



Elder Abuse Ontario envisions an Ontario where seniors are free from abuse, have a strong voice and are safe and respected.


Souvenir Canada Inc.

For over 20 years Souvenir Canada Inc. has been providing the Corporate and Sporting community with wonderful wearables, perfect pens, luxurious leather items, many kinds of mugs, calculators, and clocks to name but a few of the literally thousands of items available. RTO/ERO is fortunate to have had a long-standing relationship with Souvenir Canada, the exclusive provider of its promotional items, available directly to Districts and members. Visit their site to see examples of these RTO/ERO items.


Merit Travel

Since late 2006 when RTO/ERO engaged Merit Travel as its official travel agency, Merit has provided a variety of excellent travel experiences for members. From specialized group travel excursions to individual travel opportunities, Merit has created unique experiences in worldwide destinations at exceptional value, created with RTO/ERO members in mind.

Visit the specialized Merit website established specifically for RTO/ERO members for information on long stay vacations, cruises, last minute destinations, and travel tips.



Harmony Printing Limited

RTO/ERO is pleased to work closely with the professional staff at Harmony to provide the variety of print materials RTO/ERO produces for its members and potential members. These include: its award-winning news magazine Renaissance, posters, Information Kits, promotional brochures, Health Plan booklets and newsletters, and pocket calendars.

Harmony is a full service print and communications provider, which has made a strong commitment to the environment, a principle embraced by RTO/ERO.  Harmony has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which establishes principles, criteria, and standards that span economic, social, and environmental concerns. The FSC standards represent the world’s strongest system for guiding forest management toward sustainable outcomes and RTO/ERO is pleased to work with Harmony in following these standards when choosing papers for its various print products.