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social isolation banner imageWelcome to the RTO/ERO Foundation's End Isolation campaign

Throughout our lives, we thrive on our relationships. Meaningful connections with family, friends, neighbours, colleagues and our communities keep us engaged and socially active, contributing to happiness and better emotional, mental and physical health. But social isolation can affect anyone, especially retired individuals.

The RTO/ERO Foundation’s first annual Social Isolation Awareness Month has concluded, but our collective efforts to end social isolation continue all year long. We’d like to share with you more information on the issue of social isolation among seniors, as well as updates on the important work that’s being done to prevent it. Sign up now and we’ll know you're interested in learning more and helping raise awareness.

Signing up will also give you access to the “End Isolation Challenges”; a list of simple actions that we all can take to ensure older people in our families, social networks and communities feel included and supported.

Learn more about social isolation in seniors here.

Social Isolation Toolkit and Resources

The negative impact that social isolation has on individuals and communities is well documented. Social isolation can lead to elder abuse, reduced social skills, and poor mental and physical health. Overcoming these barriers can be complex, requiring a coordinated approach from a variety of community organizations and services – to identify vulnerable, isolated seniors and support them to make connections with others in their community. Click here to access information on the available resources related to social isolation in seniors.

Announcement: Call for Proposals

The RTO/ERO Foundation is inviting proposals for research, interventions and innovative programming to address social isolation among Canadian seniors; an effort requiring a coordinated approach from researchers, community organizations and services.

With a funding envelope of up to $100,000, the Foundation is seeking well-qualified applications that can demonstrate an ability to advance our collective knowledge on social isolation and to evaluate program efficacy.

Please click here for a pdf copy of the detailed call for proposals.


Imagine a Canada where seniors get the care and support they need, where, when and how they need it.

A Canada where we have a better understanding of the different dimensions of aging, and more health professionals are trained to apply that knowledge.

And envision a rising number of seniors who play an active role in the things that matter to them.

Seniors who are part of daily life – around their neighbourhoods, as volunteers, in the workplace and across generations.

That quality of life is the dream of the RTO/ERO Foundation.

Established in 2011 by the Retired Teachers of Ontario, and inspired by the philanthropy of its members, we share that dream with over 75,000 RTO/ERO members, families, partners and friends.

We invite you to join us in our collective effort to

Enhance the quality of life of aging adults.

Explore our website to see how…


“Senior Friendly 7” to receive $50k grant from Foundation in honour of RTO/ERO’s 50th anniversary
May 30, 2018 – Toronto
In recognition of 50 years of the Retired Teachers of Ontario/Les enseignantes et enseignants retraités de l’Ontario (RTO/ERO) serving its education community in retirement, the RTO/ERO Foundation announced today a $50,000 grant to be awarded to Sunnybrook Health Sciences’ Regional Geriatric Program (RGP) of Toronto. (Read more ...)



Foundation announces 2018 Call for Proposals: $50k grant to be awarded in honour of RTO/ERO’s 50th anniversary
Mar 6, 2018 – Toronto
The RTO/ERO Foundation has put out a new call for proposals for a grant of $50,000, to be awarded in late May 2018. (Read more ...)



#GivingTuesday: Share your spirit of giving
Nov 24, 2017 – Toronto
After the sales, sprees and savings of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, consider making a donation to enhance the quality of life of aging adults through the RTO/ERO Foundation.(Read more ...)



DANCE, self-screening for UI among new projects funded by RTO/ERO Foundation to empower healthier aging Canadians
Oct 26, 2017 – Toronto
In its continued commitment to invest in meaningful and outcomes-based research and initiatives that focus on healthy aging, the Retired Teachers of Ontario Foundation (RTO/ERO Foundation) announced almost $50,000 in funding for two new projects based out of Ontario and British Columbia.(Read more ...)



RTO/ERO Foundation Announces $100,000 in New Grants to address Social Isolation of Seniors
May 17, 2017 – Toronto
The Retired Teachers of Ontario Foundation (RTO/ERO Foundation) announced today the funding of four new projects, valued at $100,000, to address social isolation of older adults across the province. (Read more ...)