RTO/ERO Chair in Geriatric Medicine


In 2014 the RTO/ERO Foundation, with the support of the RTO/ERO, funded an endowed Chair in Geriatric Medicine at the University of Toronto. 

The Chair was awarded to Dr. Rochon by the University of Toronto based on research excellence, following an international search. Valued at $3 million, this endowment supports her research program in addition to external funding from additional sources. The interest from the endowment will continue to support ongoing research. 

The contribution allows the researcher to focus their expertise and interest and is used for a range of activities, in particular research staff and trainees. Trainees have the opportunity to work under the guidance and mentorship of scientists, and to gain valuable knowledge and skills that are relevant to their education and careers. Their activities include conducting reviews, analysing data, and writing manuscripts, particularly as they relate to the health of older adults.  

The chair also supports knowledge translation and dissemination among other research activities. Additionally, it promotes and attracts local, national and international reputation for RTO/ERO. 

More broadly, the RTO/ERO Chair promotes the health and wellness of older adults, and leads to discovery and capacity building in this field.

The next generation of geriatricians

As the RTO/ERO Chair in Geriatric Medicine, Dr. Paula Rochon mentors student trainees as they engage in research about older adults.

Recruited through the highly sought after summer student research program at Women’s College Research Institute, the students participate in research skills sessions and work closely with scientists on reviews, data analysis and manuscripts. They gain valuable knowledge and experience that will guide their education and career paths in the future. 

 During the summer of 2016, Dr. Rochon mentored three outstanding students in the program. Each delved into the research questions that drive their passion for health care.

Post-Doctoral Fellowship

Lynn Zhu, Post-Doctoral Fellow working with RTO/ERO Chair in Geriatric Medicine. With much appreciation, we received a bequest from the Estate of Margaret Ethel Emmerson, to contribute to aging research and post-secondary training. 

Margaret dedicated her life to education, first as a student, then as an educator, and ultimately as a benefactor. Thanks to her generosity, her gift will contribute to the hiring of Lynn Zhu, a post-doctorate fellow, this January. Lynn will be under the direct supervision of our very own RTO/ERO Chair in Geriatric Medicine, Dr. Paula Rochon. 

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