24 Awesome things to do when you retire

    Whether you are newly retired or have a few "to heck with the bell" breakfasts under your belt, you can never have enough awesome things to do. Here are 24 of our favourites. 

    24 awesome things to do when you retire

    1. Hang out with your grandkids
    2. Travel the world
    3. Go on a cruise
    4. Garden
    5. Volunteer
    6. Start a blog
    7. (Re)discover your inner musician
    8. Learn a new language
    9. Go on a road trip
    10. Nordic pole walk
    11. Join a book club
    12. Unleash your inner artist
    13. Adopt a pet
    14. Sleep in
    15. Hike the El Camino
    16. Write a best-selling novel
    17. Have a dance party
    18. Go to a camp for adults
    19. Become a master chef
    20. Take up a new sport
    21. Snowbird
    22. Skydive
    23. Join RTO/ERO
    24. Absolutely nothing

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